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The first-timers guide to New York (Vol. II)

It would be sacrilege to not visit the 9/11 Memorial To omit the September 11 Memorial and Museum from your itinerary wouldn’t seem right. I believe it supersedes any other monument, venue or… Continue reading

The first-timer’s guide to New York (Vol. I)

If you are heading to New York for the first time, there are tomes of guidebooks and websites that can acquaint you with what to expect when you’re in the Big Apple. Some of… Continue reading

Colbert’s Charisma

Is there a celebrity you totally admire and put on a pedestal? For me that’s Stephen Colbert, who, in my eyes, can do no wrong. I don’t get star struck easily but Colbert… Continue reading

A New York Love Affair

When the most famous cities in the world – London, Paris and New York – are strung together in any given context, I’ll take New York. I’ve been lucky enough to visit all… Continue reading